• The Norwegian incubator for business ideas and startups within space technology

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    The ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Norway opened in August 2018. The ESA BIC Norway was the 20th to open, joining the European-wide network which provides support to over 250 companies every year in Europe. To date, ESA BIC Incubation Centres (BICs) have fostered more than 1800 new companies.


    Managed by Kjeller Innovasjon in collaboration with StartupLab, Fremtidens Industri, KPB, and Norinnova, ESA BIC Norway covers the entire country to support relevant business ideas and companies. Over the next six years, our goal is to fund and develop 40 new companies, allowing them to choose their preferred incubator partner for support.


    The Norwegian space industry is experiencing rapid growth, providing services and equipment based on satellites for communication, navigation, and earth observation. With strategic aims to foster profitable companies and increase employment while addressing societal needs, ESA BIC Norway plays a crucial role in achieving these objectives.

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