• Startups

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    SurplusMap is a user-friendly software that utilizes geo-intelligence from various sources to assist in the planning of green infrastructure. It provides an interactive map that requires no training and serves as a collaborative platform for stakeholders. By accessing accurate information, sharing data, and providing feedback, SurplusMap facilitates efficient decision-making processes with reduced risks and lead time.

    The software also incorporates advanced functionalities such as digital twin technology for optimizing location and utilizes satellite data and machine learning to generate customized thematic maps with unique insights.

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    Conceptr (formerly Windyfi) is a SaaS tool for generative concept development for renewables starting with wind. Conceptr democratizes renewable project development by enabling non-technical users to generate holistic and integrated concepts based on minimum inputs in minutes instead of months. Conceptr utilizes gamification, machine learning, geospatial data as well as manufacturer's equipment information to enable renewable players to make optimal decisions that increase the value of their project.

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    Syrenna collects, processes, and visualises data from our WaterDrones, providing underwater intelligence to the world. We open the ocean space to everyone, enabling real time science-based decisions. By reducing the cost and effort of gathering data from the ocean, we enable a sustainable development of the oceans. The WaterDrones collect real-time data from the ocean surface, water column, and seabed, ascend and descend autonomously and communicate via 4G/5G/Wifi or satellite.

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    Enernite is a centralized source of information for independent power producers investing in emerging markets. Their database of carefully verified and custom generated data enables confident data-driven decisions.

    Enernite produce accurate data using high-resolution satellite imagery and computer vision coupled with machine-learning to provide valuable environmental and impact insights with higher accuracy, resulting in informed decision-making, planning and operations.

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    BitPet is an Augmented Reality (AR) multiplayer mobile game intended to improve the player’s physical health and social well-being. In BitPet, players take care of digital pets by walking them and interacting with other pets in AR. The pet’s health condition depends on the activity from the player’s smartphone-pedometer, thereby motivating them to be more physically active. The game will also inspire socialization as players can choose to meet other players’ pets in AR, which will help them progress in the game.

    BitPet uses precise location data from Galileo along with sensor fusion technology for real-time matchmaking between nearby players to create local multiplayer AR gaming sessions.